Sunday, September 16, 2018

Our shipment

Our shipment arrived in Springfield.  Only at few things were broken; of course, it was the items we did not want to brake that did, so now is the time to invest in ''Superglue''. Just kidding about the glue, but all sincerity about our gratefulness to family and friends who helped pay for our shipment.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Back in the United States

We have been back in the States for several weeks now. We want to keep you all updated as to how we are doing. We are enjoying spending time with our children and grandchildren as well as getting reacquainted with our church family here in Springfield, Missouri. Along with some much needed time for rest, prayer and fasting, we have been serving our pastor and church. I have been teaching Sunday school, as well as working around the property to help complete some much needed maintenance tasks.

We know that only eternity will reveal all that was accomplished during our ministry in the Czech Republic. There were souls saved, families were disciple, and the Gospel was preached to every creature the Lord brought across our path. We rejoice in all that He accomplished through us. Every Pastor understands the stress and burdens that have to be faced when setbacks arise in ministry. Often discouragement, self-deprecation, doubt, and even depression can set in. In spite of these things, I am certain that we have completed the work the Lord had for us to do in Brno. We are anticipating direction for continued service in the near future. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


As of June 30th,James and Caitlyn are engaged. Wedding scheduled for May.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Jan Hus Day

Jan Hus Day is a public holiday in the Czech Republic on 6 July.

This holiday commemorates the martyrdom of Jan Hus in 1415.

History of Jan Hus Day

Jan Hus, born in Bohemia in 1369, was a priest, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague.

Inspired by the teachings of John Wycliffe, which he helped translate into Czech.

Hus is seen as a key predecessor to the Protestant movement of the sixteenth century. Hus was an advocate of church reforms, such as using Czech as the liturgical language, aligning the church's practices with teachings contained in the Bible, limiting the power of the church to spiritual matters, and stopping the sale of indulgences.

His followers became known as Hussites.

He was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1412 for insubordination.

After being promised safe passage to attend a meeting that was intended to discuss the differences in the church, Hus was detained and put on trial. Refusing to give up his beliefs, he was found guilty of heresy against the doctrines of the Catholic Church and was burned at the stake on 6 July 1415.

During his execution, it is said that the pages from the banned Wycliffe bible were used as kindling, and one of Jan's last acts was to proclaim that a man would rise up in a 100 years whose teachings could not be suppressed. Almost exactly a century later in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his list of 95 issues against the Roman Catholic church onto the church door at Wittenburg.

Between 1420 and 1431, the Hussite forces defeated five consecutive papal crusades against followers of Hus. Their defence and rebellion against Roman Catholics became known as the Hussite Wars.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

School Update

Debra is very excited to have finally finished school. Well, she has finally finished teaching our children their daily lessons anyway. (smile) David finished his final examinations just over a week ago. His graduation is scheduled for Friday, May 4th. So, in light of that, Debra has completed nearly 24 years of teaching kindergarten through the twelfth grade. I decided that she deserves a diploma as well. David finished at the top of his class, class of one but okay, still he managed to maintain a 4.0 average throughout all of the twelve years. We are very proud of what the Lord is doing in his life. He was accepted to The College of the Ozarks for the fall semester. He intends to work on a bachelor’s degree in the culinary arts. He also was accepted into the summer work program at the college. By working through the summer, David will be able to pay the entirety of his room and board for the two following semesters. Please pray for him in this next phase of his life. It is a blessing to watch him become a man. 

 James completes his third year of study in computer technologies this month. He will be working a summer internship with a company in Kansas City Missouri.

Traditions of men

Debra had a very interesting discussion  with one of her English students, Kamila. Kamila is 34 years old and grew up in a Catholic family. She lives with her boyfriend and is now pregnant. She was explaining to Debra how important it is to her family that the baby be christened after the birth. She is concerned that the priest might not do it because her boyfriend was not christened as a baby. Debra asked her straight out if it would not be more important to her family for her to be married rather than to christen the baby. Oh no, she said! They are not concerned about that. Apparently neither is the priest. Pray for Debra to have wisdom in these discussions.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


               Class of 2018

Knowledge of the Holy Homeschool
     announces the graduation of

David Blaine Allison

           On May 4th 2018
              at 7:00 p.m.
            Brno Town Hall
        Brno, Czech Republic