Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to study....

Sunday services were wonderful. Jeff taught on "How to study the Bible." It was a lesson that was needed at this time. Our friend, Jana, was able to visit with us in both the Czech and English services. We don't see her often, but it is always a blessing to have her with us.

Discouragement was also a part of Sunday when Svetlana told us that she will not be coming to church services any more. She has decided to trust tradition of man rather than the Word of God. Please pray that she will find emptiness in her religion. We will still be teaching her English, so she will not be getting away from the gospel message - the truth.

Jeff was able to leave some tracts on campus this week. He didn't get to speak to any of the students, but ordered a coffee from a lady he had met 4 years ago. He left her with some materials and an invite to services. Please continue to pray for the University outreach in Brno.

A blessing of $250.00 for literature came this week from one of our supporting churches. This blessing came just after Jeff stepped out in faith and purchased some books and other very useful materials translated into Czech. Thank you Lord.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A message of Chritian living

Last week we reported the health of the family, but this week it has been a completely different story to tell. Sunday's services were held in Milada's and Mirek's home to avoid all the germs that my family has added to our home as they try to recover from a horrible virus that hit them last Wednesday.

This week, I preached a message about Christain living - you can't lie on Monday and expect the Lord to bless on Wednesday and you can't steel on Tuesday and ask the Lord's blessing on Friday. The message brought silentness and some tears to the eyes. Please continue to pray for these wonderful people that the Lord has given to us to work with and to give the Gospel.

Also today, I ran into Mireck, a man that we worked with when we first moved to Brno. We were discipling him unto we reached some areas of life that he was not willing to change. I invited him to attend services again.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter difficulties - faithfulness needed

The weather here has been very unusual. Some days are cold, others are like spring. This seems to be causing a lot of illness. Our family is staying healthy, but many others are missing services because of illness or out-of -town meetings. Please pray for faithfulness.
Jeff was able to speak with a few university students on Monday. As you may know, we have been rejected two times by the faculity at the Brno campus. We have continued the University Outreach despite the difficulties. A new medical campus opened on this side of Brno. Many of the students speak English, they are always looking for practice. We hope to engage the students in everyday conversation, introducing them to spiritual concepts and sharing the gospel with them. We have literature (studies, tracts and booklets) that should make them think about their future and where they stand before God. Please pray for this outreach while there is an open door. The young people of the Czech Republic are becoming more and more closed minded to spiritul things as time passes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reaching forth

This sunday was our first service to "live stream". We are having much illness among members and those attending church. We used our web cam to make it possible for Anna to see and be part of Sunday school and church services. It seemed to work will. Also Debra was able to be in our Czech services this week. Usually she is taking care of the children in the nursery, but with all of the illness, the children were all home with Mom or Dad. Please pray for the health of the Bible Baptist Church of Brno. Also please pray for Mirek's work schedule. He received his schedule for the new year which is making it very difficult for him to come to services. Living in this atheist country can make it difficult for Christians. Mirek told his boss he was attending church services so his boss scheduled him to work nearly every Sunday. Pray for the Lord to intervene.