Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breakfast was served

What a blessing this Sunday morning was to those who attend services here in Brno.  We started the morning with pancakes with maple syrup, sausage, bacon, orange juice...  The maple syrup was a new, yet, special treat for the the Czechs.  We had such a wonderful time of fellowship as we cook and ate, cooked and ate pancakes until we were out of batter.  We soon moved from the physical food onto spiritual food - I preached a much needed message on the love of God.  I will be continuing this theme over the next few weeks.  We are seeking the Lord's wisdom and finances as we search for a building to rent for our services -please be in prayer with us.   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ministring to many

The few weeks have been very busy.  Debra spend the week with Mae Norton.   Debra took the train from Brno to Děčín on Monday, September 17th.  They started to work as soon as she arrived and by Friday afternoon with the help of another missionary wife, they had the 3 level house packed and ready for the men to come to move boxes into storage.  Mae was able to take a few more needed items with her to the United States, but most things will wait for the large shipment.  Mae's brother -in-law, Daniel,  is working on the best pricing for the best mode of shipment of their things.  Please continue to pray for Mae Norton and the children.  She misses her husaband so much, but continues to trust and rely on the Lord for her future.  Her faith has not wavered.

We have had many opportunities to witness.  Debra is teaching English to a school teacher here in Modřice. Last Tuesday,  Debra was able to share the gospel with this teacher.  Please pray for Lenka, her husband and son.  They have been invited to our church services. 

We started our fall literature distribution with 400 tracts distributed in north Brno and also I have been spending time in the streets.   We received 200 more Bible from the misionary in Prague.  Our people were so excited about the Bibles and have their list ready of  the people that will be receiving them as gifts this year.

Please continue to pray for the men that I have a chance to meet on a regular basis.  They ask many questions, but still need to trust the Lord.