Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family camp

We returned from family camp so excited to see how the Lord is working in the lives of those who have trusted Him as their personal savior. Our mini family camp was held in the Tetra Mountains in nearby Slovakia.  What a blessed time we had in the Word of God. I spoke about separation and sanctification, encouraging them to be "set apart"  for the Lord's purpose. But not only did we receive spiritual blessing, we were also refreshed by the great fellowship.  The children enjoyed the games, snacks and crafts that Debra had prepared for them. Our Sunday lesson was a clear presentation of the gospel while the children made a beaded (black, red, white, gold and green) braclet.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Service in Brno

This Sunday's service was low in attendance.  Some people have been ill again.  Please continue to pray for those who need to make decissions.  Also remember to pray for the Bible study in Prague and the Norton family.  The next meeting in Prague is on Monday, August 26.  This weekend is our first family camp, please pray.

Memorial Service for J. Norton

On Sunday, August 12, we attended, as well as 80 other people, the memorial service for our dear friend and fellow missionary, Jushua Norton. A clear presentation of the gospel was given.  Please pray for those with softened hearts and also for those who left with hearts just a little harder by the death of this young husband and father.  Jushua was only 40 years old.