Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday services

What a blessing it is to be feed with the Word of God and with rolls and baked lasagna. This Sunday we had our autumn dinner with the church family. We always enjoy the fellowship and my wife's cooking is wonerful.

We are packed and ready to visit family. The Lord has allowed us to make a short trip to America to see our parents, children and grand-daughters. We would like to see everyone, but with the cost of flying it is just not possible. This trip will be with family and we will see others of our praying and supporting families next time -- if the Lord does not return first.

Updated photos will be in the mail soon. We had them taken a few weeks ago. Notice the boys -- oh! how they have grown.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Czech services

Praise the Lord for another wonderful day to serve Him. We are averaging 6 people in our Czeech service for which we are very grateful. Several adults took part in scripture memory this week as well as the children.

400+ St. Mikuláš tracts were distributed on Saturday to the Bohunice panalek (apartment) community. Yes, that is exactly what they are - a community. There are several of these communities in Brno. They have every thing they need from grocery stores, post office, schools, doctors; to shop and play grounds and many things in between.

Please continue to pray for those in need of salvation and for those who have stopped attending services. Our hearts are deeply burdened for Milada, Lenka and Jacob.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Being grateful

What a blessing Sunday services were to each that attended. We started individual Scripture memory this week, and as always the children showed up the adults. Each of the children had a verse ready to quote. Our boys must quote in English and Czech.

The question was asked "What are you grateful for?" What a blessing it was to hear from the hearts of those who spoke during the opening of our church service.

Singing songs unto the Lord is just what we did yesterday as little Maty, age 2, sang with all of his heart and voice. Tears come to my eyes when I think about that precious soul and the souls of some many here that we are trying to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was good to see Jan in the services today. He had surgery this week and we were prepared to have him take part in the services via web cam and skype. Pray for him as he continues to heal.
He will be off from work all week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Czech services

It is a joy to be here in the Czech services. Our children's Sunday school class will be finishing the lessons in the Old Testimony in two weeks. We will continue our studies in the New Testiment. We have booklets for the children to color and to review at home.

Parenting classes are going well. We are about half way finished. It seems that we never go as fast as we schedule, but that is not a problem if it helps those to learn the material and apply it to their lives.

Our autumn literature campaign will come to an end in November. We will be handing out our most recent written tract about St. Mikuláš Day. It is based on a true story of a young girl fears of not being ready for that day. Do you fear the day of the Lord's return or are you ready? That day is far more important then Mikuláš day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Czech services

Another wonderful day to serve the Lord. We had another boy in children's church this Sunday. He name is Mark. He came with his Grandmother, Alena. Please pray for those who are not coming faithfully - Lenka, Jacob, and Milada.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's service

Sunday's service was a blessing to all. The church members quoted Psalms 1 as a group (in Czech, of course). We need to remember many in prayer: Milada for salvation, friends facing family relationship problems, Mazgut's for a larger house and the health of many around us. We also have a praise - Mireck had off work this Sunday. It was good to see him in services.

The Christmas tracts - actually a St. Mikuláš tracts - are printed and ready to be distributed in November. Please pray now for the families who will be receiving these tracts in their mailboxes.

Apple dumplings with vanilia ice cream and questions about healings, tongues and end times became part of our fellowshp time this week. These questions are being asked after a large healing service was held here in Brno two weeks ago. So many confused people in need of Christ.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A wonderful Sunday

This Sunday was a blessing to our family. We had 13 in services (9 Czechs and our family). Jan was able to give a testimony about memorizing scripture, how it has blessed his heart and giving him a new view of the scriptures.

As a church family we are memorizing Psalm 1. This week we quoted up to verse five, next Sunday everyone will be quoting the whole chapter. Praise God for His word that changes hearts.

Continue to pray for those that need to be saved and those who need to surrender to baptism. Also the Lord had blessed us with several new contacts this week and last week. Pray that the Word of God would touch their hearts.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elaina

Eliana Karlie, our third granddaughter, was born on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 12:46 in the afternoon. Her weight 7 lbs 11 ozs and 19 inches long. Baby and mother are both doing great.

And we are very excited grandparents once again. God is so good!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New books, tracts and booklets

This week we were able to purchase two new books and two DVDs for our Czech library, We also purchased more tracts and booklets. The members of Brno Bible Baptist church were pleased with the materials.

300 more God's plan of Salvation were distributed on Saturday. This finishes the village of Modřice. A total of 643 homes were reached with a clear written presentation of the gospel in Czech. Please be in prayer for the souls in need of a savior.

Our Christmas tract is ready and will be going to the printers this week. Please be in prayer for the distribution of this tract. The tract is a true story and the gospel message.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Czech services

It is always good to be in the house of the Lord, unfortunely we have not seen any new visitors in quite some time.

This week Debra and I will be visiting with a young couple in our village. Please pray that they will except our invitation and join us in our Czech services. The young man speaks English well, maybe they will come to the English service also.

This Saturday was the start of our fall literature campaign. We decided to begin in our village, Modrice. It has been some time since we have distributed tracts here. 343 Boží plán spasení (God's plan of Salvation) were dirtributed. This Saturday we will finish our village.

Our rainy, cold season has set in, but we have not had to turn-on the heat yet. Praise God!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Czech services and Children's Church

What a wonderful day this Sunday was for us here in Czech Republic. The weather was warm and we had several out for services. It was good to see Milada back in services. She has had a busy summer, but is back in Brno.

We started our children's Church class this Sunday. We only had one toddler, but he was so excited about all the new things and learning about God.

We received a love offering that we used to buy a table, chairs and needed supplies to get Children's Church off to a great start.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday services

Praise the Lord for another wonderful day to serve Him. The sermon was great! The Lord know just what we need to hear.

All the children are now back in school. They are off to a great start. We will begin our University outreach again this fall as soon as the students return. The university starts just a little later then the other schools.

Remember to be in prayer for the new Bible study in Prague. We will meet again this Friday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Back to School" Sunday

This Sunday was our "Back to School" Sunday. We had a great time. The Reaves children were visiting, which made the day that much better. We started the day with honoring our children in Sunday school with a gift bag of needed school supplies. After church services we had a treasure hunt, an egg race, dunking for apples and a picnic lunch.

We will be memorizing Psalms one in Czech as a church. The Lord has opened doors for further outreach this fall - a new Bible study in another village. More information about this study is in our September/October prayer letter.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our attendance has been on the low side all summer long. Please continue to pray for faithfulness and for those that still need to follow the Lord in scriptural baptism.

This Sunday will be our "Back to School" Sunday. All the children are looking forward to the games and the hotdogs. We also have a small gift bag for each of them to encourage them to do their very best. Please remember to pray for the children that will be returning to a school system of atheits.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giving Thanks

Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wonderous works declare. Psalm 75: 1

Thanks to God for another Sunday to worship Him with other belivers. This week the Lord has given us many opportunities to meet the spiritual and physical needs of those around us.

Our Parenting classes are going well and the Lord is using His word to make changes in the hearts of those attending. Thanks to God for His unchanging Word.

The Lord has also opened up some new outreach opportunities for this fall and He has already provided the funds needed thanks to another church taking us on for support this week. Thanks to God for His provision and faithful servents.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Czech services

Praise the Lord for an encourageing Sunday. Please continue for the salavtion of those mentioned in our prayer letter.

Thanks to a generous offering we received for literature we were able to purchase more tracts and booklets. Serveral of these tracts are new to us, others we have used before. We will begin another literature campain this fall. Please pray as we seek the Lord's direction in this area of ministry.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Czech Services

Many who regularly attend our services were away on holiday. As summer comes to an end, we pray that our people will once again become more faithful to the house of the Lord. Our low attendance did give us opportunity to answer Alena's questions and to hear from her how the Lord is working on her heart. Pray for Alena. we are asking the Lord to remove her hesitations in getting baptized. We have others with the same need.

We were so encouraged in our English service this past Sunday evening. We had Bro. Norton and his family stop to visit on their way to the other side of the country. All the voices singing praises to God were up lifting and joyful. It is usually just our family in our English services. From time to time we do have visitors in which we are very gratful.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On Saturday, my family had a surprise party for my 50th birthday. 34 people were in attendance to celebrate with me. Please pray as we continue to reach these people with the words of the Lord and their need for salvation. We have witnessed to them many times but only a few have accepted the Lord as their savor, others believe they are find were they are and than there are those that still do not believe in God.

Sunday was a very nice day. I am continuing to preach lessons from Matthew 5 and 6. After services we had an Ice Cream Social. We enjoyed the ice cream despite the cool and rainy weather. Debra and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary with friends and family.

Our parenting classes are going well. We already see changes in our faithful family.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Joyful Joyful

It was a joy last week to have Alena's grandchildren in Sunday school and church services. Zusanna sat very quiet in services while Mirek was an added joy to the nursery.

This week we had several out sick. Please pray for Milada and Alena, They both had to see the doctor for medicine. Micky is at camp for two weeks and Mireck still has a Sunday work schedule.

We had a great meeting with Mirek and Milada on Friday night. Pray as Jeff teaches Mirek on baptism and continue to pray for Milada's salvation. Her comments were it just sounds too easy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet spirit

Our attendance was low on Sunday, a challenge we face during the summer months, but the spirit in the service was wonderful. The Lord is working on hearts and changing lives.

Tomorrow night is the first meeting for our child training lessons. Please be in prayer for the teacher and those who will be coming.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday's service

A great service was the message that made its way back to us. Thanks to the Reaves family for filling in for us while we were away.

We took a few days with just our family to get away. Spent time with the Lord in prayer, seeking direction, preparing for our first Parent/Child Training classes, studying God's Word, reading a few good books, lots of exercise, quality family time and some much needed rest. Thanks

We thank each of you for your prayers, encouragment and support.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Service

Happy Father's Day! We had a wonderful service today as we celebrated Ján's birthday and Father's Day. Each father received a framed copy of Joshua 24:15. The message today was "What kind of heritage are you leaving for your children".

98 more "God's Plan of Salvation" tracts were placed in the homes in Dolni Heršpice. This finishes our spring literature outreach. Plans are being made for the fall distribution. Please remember to pray for the salvation of the Czech people, here in Brno and around the country.

Child training classes start in July. Please pray as we prepare and teachthis material. We need the Lord's power and wisdom. The material will be directed at those who are still in need of the savoir.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Czech services

Another wonderful Sunday. With some needed schedule changes, we had our English service in the AM and our Czech services in the PM. This week's change worked out great, Mirek was able to be in the services with us. He is missed when unable to attend.

We will be finishing our spring literature distrubition this weekend. Please remember to pray for those who live in Kouhotovice and Dolni Heršpice. Also pray as we seek the Lord's direct for Autumn - Where and which tracts.

Many prayer needs here in Europe - the salvation of many souls, the falling dollar, the deaths and illness from unknown Ecoli, warnings of flash flooding, the heat and the increasing cost of food and fuel.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rejoice in the Lord, again I say rejoice

Another wonderful day to rejoice in the Lord. Our lesson today was "Rejoicing in the Lord and His promise found in His Word". We hope you all are rejoicing in the Lord.

On Saturday, 118 "God's Plan for Salvation" tracts went in to the home of those in Dolni Heršpice. Please pray for those in this area.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Sunday in May

It is hard the believe that May is nearly over. Our services this month have been an encouragement. We hope yours have been the same.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We celebrated the harvest of strawberries. Many wonderful deserts where served with strawberries. We also cooked hot dogs and sauages on the grill and had a great time of fellowship.

We have finished tract distribution in the village of Kouhotice. We will start another village or two before our spring campaign is over.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday services

What a beautiful Sunday we had yesterday. We had 6 in services, which is our average. The service got just a little silent as I begin to teach on the name of our Lord and how His name is Holy.

After services I took the boys, who won the memory verse rewards, to subway for a drink and sandwich. It was such a nice day we decided to ride our bikes to the subway. We also went to the park after we had finished our sandwiches. Debra joined us at the park, but the reward lunch was only for the rewarded boys and the missionary.

Another 234 "This is Your Life" tracts were distributed in the Kouhotovice area. We are just about finished in this area of Brno and will beginning seeking the Lord's direction for a new area to canvas.

Next week is our Stawberry social. We are praying for good prices on strawberries. This week they were 33% off, but a week to soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great day in the Lord

Today was a great day in the Lord. The weather was cold and raining, but it did not keep families away from services.

In Sunday school, the boys (Michael, James,and David) were presented with a certificate for their outstanding work memorizing scripture. Also they were given a coupon for one small sandwich from subway.

Another 320 "This is Your Life" tracts were distributed in the area of Kohoutovice. Kohoutovice is a very large appartment complex where young and old, families and singles, rich and poor live.

Jeff gave each family a Book of Daily Devotions. It is difficult to find good material in Czech and translating takes time, but this book is great tool for Christian growth.

We used our new song books in services today. It was good to learn a few new songs. Another study help is being completed and should be ready next month to give to everyone attending .

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Please continue to pray for the faithfulness of the people. Pray that they will put the Lord first in their lives and share Christ with others. Sunday's message was a wonderful clear presentation of the gospel. An overview of the messages preached this past year.

To minister to Mirek while Milada is away, we decided to have a cook out and take him to a baseball game. We had a wonderful time explaining to Mirek the American game of baseball.

Mirek shared with us that he got saved on the Saturday before Easter. He said that he cannot imagen life now without the Lord. Pray for Mirek and his spiritual growth. I will be meeing with him in the next week or two. He said he wanted to wait for Milada to get home before we meet.

We hope that each of you had a wonderful mother's day. Debra's started her day with David making her breakfast. James made a unique Lego card for her. We took her out to the Chineese restaurant for lunch and in the afternoon we enjoyed a very nice bike ride.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A need for faithfulness

Please continue to pray for faithfulness of the people. Sunday was the first Sunday in a year and a half that we cancelled our Czech service. This time of the year is one of the most difficult times, many festivals, gardening, vacations and so many other things that come before the Lord.

On Saturday, we were able to distribute another 400+ "This is Your Life" tracts. Please remember to pray for the people who will receive this material; first that they would read it and second that they would concern the information and allow the Lord to convict their hearts. These tracts are directed towards young people, a people group in great need of the truth.

Also please pray for the financial situation for all the missionaries here and on other fields. The dollar is dropping so quickly against the "Crown" and the cost of fuel is on the increase. It is not only happening here, but around the world.

Praise God for the mighty, unchanging Lord we serve.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. We had 16 in Sunday school and in our morning service. Honza, our landlord, came to services for the first time. God is so good. Jeff finished the series of lessons for Creation to Christ. Please pray for wisdom and the Lord's direction.

In Sunday school, we made resurrection cookies. The children had fun making them. It was great to see so many smiling faces, we had 6 this Sunday.

Please pray for the souls still in need of Christ. The Lord has given us many opportunities to minister to those in need. Please pray for us for wisdom, strength and direction from the Lord as we deal with and show the Lord's love and forgiveness to each of these families.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small blessings

Sunday was a day of many blessings. We enjoy the fellowship with the Mazgots, one of our faithful families. Their desire to learn and teach their children is a blessing that encourages the missionary and his family.

After services we celebrated Micheal's (Miky) nineth birthday. The smile from a child when he knows that he is loved by so many is a blessing to cherish and to store for those days when you ask why.

A small voice singing songs in Sunday school brings much joy and many smiles. Matiosh, now 20 months old is starting to sings the songs we have been learning in Sunday school.

We are looking forward to our Resurrection Sunday services and our cookout. We pray that each of you have a wonderful day with friends and family.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was good to be in the house of the Lord. We were so glad to see Mirek in our services today.

Are you remembering to pray? On Saturday, another 396 tracts were distributed to the village of Kohoutovice. Next week, we will be continuing in this area.

Last year we had such a great time at our Easter cookout so we decided to do it again this year. Our menu is very interesting. We asked everyone to sign up to bring something to share.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is here

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day appraoching. Hebrews 10:25 - Please continue to pray for faithfulness. Spring time brings many blessing but it also brings many distractions. The gardens need to be planted, summer homes need to be cleaned and repairs must be done. Sundays become just another day to get things done. Pray for the people to be servants of the Lord and not servants of SPRING. 319 "Is Jesus a liar?" booklets were distributed to the apparments in Kohoutovise on Saturday. Please be in prayer for these souls.

Monday, March 28, 2011

In need of prayer

On Sunday, Milada gave us an up-date on Mirek's mother's health. It is not good. Please pray for her health to improve. Also please pray that Jeff will be able to visit with her. She is very hard and bitter from the past.She needs the Lord's forgiveness and she needs to forgive others. Another 400 pieces of literature was distributed on Saturday. Please pray for the people living in Žebětín, a small village just outside Brno. Please remember to pray for Světlana. She still needs to be saved. Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield. Psalm 34:20

Monday, March 21, 2011

Literature distribution

It was a wonderful day in the Lord. It was good to see Mirek in services today. Some of you may remember the attitude of his employer, who has scheduled Mirek to work most Sundays this year.

Despite the weather (a bit cold and windy), we began our literature outreach. This Saturday we distributed 400 "Kterou cestu zvolíš? (Which Road?) tracts. This is the first time for literature in these boxes in this village, just outside Brno.

Please remember to pray for the literature outreach. Through this method, we are able to reach three people per home. Each tract has a mail-in request for a home visit or correspondent Bible studies.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday services

What another wonderful day in the house of our Lord and Savior. Sunday school memorization is back in the schedule. The boys are doing a great job. We are working on verses from Psalms. I say the boys are doing a great job because we only have one girl and she is only 2 years old. Pray for more girls to join our Sunday school time.

After services we had a delicious cheese cake to celebrate Debra's birthday. She was greeted with gifts, flowers, cards and hugs. Praise God for my wife and helper.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Prasie the Lord for a beautiful Sunday. The sun is shining, but the temperatures are still in low numbers. We have spring flowers, which brought joy to all this Sunday as we look forward to winter's end. The winters are so long here, but this year hasn't brought us the snow/ice or fridget temperatures as in the past.

This week's diciplineship meeting with the Mazgot's brought up many questions. They desire to learn God's Word and serve the Lord with their life. Please keep their family in your prays.

Lunch was served at our house then off to the park for a bit of that sunshine. We also met with a women named, Dagmar. Debra will be helping her prepare for an English exam at her employment, but she was also courious about our work. Jeff was able to share some truth with her. Dagmar is a mother of three children and lives in Brno. Please pray for the opportuntiy to lead this family to the Lord.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Services

Sunday was a great day, not only in the services and fellowship, but also the weather.
Spring flowers are in bloom and the sun is warm.

This Sunday was our spaghetti dinner. We all enjoyed the food and the fellowship.

Please pray for Milada. She was unable to be with us for services and the spaghetti dinner because of dential problems. She is in a lot of pain and needs the dentist to decide on the next procedure.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to study....

Sunday services were wonderful. Jeff taught on "How to study the Bible." It was a lesson that was needed at this time. Our friend, Jana, was able to visit with us in both the Czech and English services. We don't see her often, but it is always a blessing to have her with us.

Discouragement was also a part of Sunday when Svetlana told us that she will not be coming to church services any more. She has decided to trust tradition of man rather than the Word of God. Please pray that she will find emptiness in her religion. We will still be teaching her English, so she will not be getting away from the gospel message - the truth.

Jeff was able to leave some tracts on campus this week. He didn't get to speak to any of the students, but ordered a coffee from a lady he had met 4 years ago. He left her with some materials and an invite to services. Please continue to pray for the University outreach in Brno.

A blessing of $250.00 for literature came this week from one of our supporting churches. This blessing came just after Jeff stepped out in faith and purchased some books and other very useful materials translated into Czech. Thank you Lord.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A message of Chritian living

Last week we reported the health of the family, but this week it has been a completely different story to tell. Sunday's services were held in Milada's and Mirek's home to avoid all the germs that my family has added to our home as they try to recover from a horrible virus that hit them last Wednesday.

This week, I preached a message about Christain living - you can't lie on Monday and expect the Lord to bless on Wednesday and you can't steel on Tuesday and ask the Lord's blessing on Friday. The message brought silentness and some tears to the eyes. Please continue to pray for these wonderful people that the Lord has given to us to work with and to give the Gospel.

Also today, I ran into Mireck, a man that we worked with when we first moved to Brno. We were discipling him unto we reached some areas of life that he was not willing to change. I invited him to attend services again.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter difficulties - faithfulness needed

The weather here has been very unusual. Some days are cold, others are like spring. This seems to be causing a lot of illness. Our family is staying healthy, but many others are missing services because of illness or out-of -town meetings. Please pray for faithfulness.
Jeff was able to speak with a few university students on Monday. As you may know, we have been rejected two times by the faculity at the Brno campus. We have continued the University Outreach despite the difficulties. A new medical campus opened on this side of Brno. Many of the students speak English, they are always looking for practice. We hope to engage the students in everyday conversation, introducing them to spiritual concepts and sharing the gospel with them. We have literature (studies, tracts and booklets) that should make them think about their future and where they stand before God. Please pray for this outreach while there is an open door. The young people of the Czech Republic are becoming more and more closed minded to spiritul things as time passes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reaching forth

This sunday was our first service to "live stream". We are having much illness among members and those attending church. We used our web cam to make it possible for Anna to see and be part of Sunday school and church services. It seemed to work will. Also Debra was able to be in our Czech services this week. Usually she is taking care of the children in the nursery, but with all of the illness, the children were all home with Mom or Dad. Please pray for the health of the Bible Baptist Church of Brno. Also please pray for Mirek's work schedule. He received his schedule for the new year which is making it very difficult for him to come to services. Living in this atheist country can make it difficult for Christians. Mirek told his boss he was attending church services so his boss scheduled him to work nearly every Sunday. Pray for the Lord to intervene.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today's service was full of questions. Problems with Baptist Churches in America has hit the news here and it is causing much confusion amoung the Czechs. Partucularly one group that has been protesting the funerals of soldiers and others. Czechs do not fully understand the local church principle and how one church does not affect others. The way they see things is "Baptist", therefore all Baptist must be doing and acting in the same matter. Please pray for us as we teach through these areas and that the American media does not effect the work in Brno.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our attendence was low today, but we were encouraged by those who were able to make the services.

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday Services

This Sunday was a blessing as we enjoyed the fellowship around God's Word. There were questions regarding their reading and testimonies given as to how the Lord is working in their lives. Please continue to pray for the services in Czech, both Sunday school and church services. Our discipleship time with Jan and Anna is such a blessing. They are so eager to learn. Please remember them in pray. The God we serve is mighty and changes not.

Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Psalm 24:8

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years services

Praise the Lord for another year before us to worship and serve Him. We had a great Sunday school lesson as we talked about Gideon and his faith in the Lord. He did what seemed to be the impossible. Czech and English services were encouraging. We translated a "Read through the Bible" schedule into Czech and handed them out in services. Jeff preached on being a pestilent follow from Acts 24. If you weren't a "pest" for the Lord in 2010, make it a goal to be one in 2011, before it is too late.

For some here in the Czech Republic it is too late, as the New Year arrived at least 10 people died because of fireworks, alcohol poisoning and fires. The Czech police say this year's New Year celebrations registered the highest number of death cases in comparison with previous years.

Also a rise of thefts was reported on New Year's Eve. Jewelry and watches worth more than 1 million dollars were stolen from a shopping center in Prague, only the Lord knows the total in losses and lives.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Sunday

We had a wonderful day on Sunday. It was our Christmas celebration Sunday. We had hoped for more to attend, but we trust the Lord for the outcome. James, David and Mikky quoted Luke 2:11 and received their certifications for completing their scripture memory for this quarter. Mikky played a gaiter special. Our family sang then James and David played piano specials and preformed a puppet play about the true meaning of Christmas. Jeff preached a wonderful message about the reason for Christ's birth.

The Christmas breakfast in English for our students was so much fun. Nine of our students were able to come. We had a great breakfast, played mad libs and shared the true meaning of Christmas with them . Serveral of our student now attend our Czech services. We encourage the students to come to our English service (also to our Czech services).

Debra hosted a ladies tea on the 22nd of December. Seven ladies came for tea, from our church and from the neighborhood. The ladies had a great time as they make a snowman craft, shared cookies and talked about what Christmas meant to them.

Christmas tradition overshallows the true meaning of Christmas here leaving the Czechs with many questions. Pray that the Lord will give us many opportunties to share with others Why our Christmas and New Years looked so different from theirs.