Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday services

What a blessing it is to be feed with the Word of God and with rolls and baked lasagna. This Sunday we had our autumn dinner with the church family. We always enjoy the fellowship and my wife's cooking is wonerful.

We are packed and ready to visit family. The Lord has allowed us to make a short trip to America to see our parents, children and grand-daughters. We would like to see everyone, but with the cost of flying it is just not possible. This trip will be with family and we will see others of our praying and supporting families next time -- if the Lord does not return first.

Updated photos will be in the mail soon. We had them taken a few weeks ago. Notice the boys -- oh! how they have grown.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Czech services

Praise the Lord for another wonderful day to serve Him. We are averaging 6 people in our Czeech service for which we are very grateful. Several adults took part in scripture memory this week as well as the children.

400+ St. Mikuláš tracts were distributed on Saturday to the Bohunice panalek (apartment) community. Yes, that is exactly what they are - a community. There are several of these communities in Brno. They have every thing they need from grocery stores, post office, schools, doctors; to shop and play grounds and many things in between.

Please continue to pray for those in need of salvation and for those who have stopped attending services. Our hearts are deeply burdened for Milada, Lenka and Jacob.