Monday, March 25, 2013

Low attendance

Please be in prayer for those who attend our services.  We had several missing this past Sunday.  It is neither winter nor spring here. The temperature changes maybe the cause of  many cold viruses, sore throats and flu among the people, those who suffer from spring allergies are not sure which would be better.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here comes spring .... or winter

Just as soon as we thought spring was well on its way, we had one to the biggest snow storms that we have had all year. The early spring flowers and the buds on the trees were well covered in a sheet of pure white snow.  Fortunately, this storm arrived on Monday and not Sunday.  In Brno, the streets and parking areas are always a mess after the city makes room to push the snow into any available parking spaces and even onto the sidewalks.  Parking at the new location seems to be fine for now, but just in case there is a problem with the nearby parking being full, one of the merchants, and friend, on the same street told us that we could use their designated "customer" parking space on Sundays, when needed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A place ...

The office space that we are renting is truely a blessing to our family and the members of Brno Bible Baptist Church.  Their giving has increased making them a big part of paying the rent. Our Scripture memorization contest is coming to an end with some amazing results.  We have been so excited each Sunday to see the competion amongst the children and to see the adults join in on the fun. Spring is very near with buds on the trees and flowers blooming. They are calling for snow, but we are praying for sunshine.   The winters here can be very cold, very long and quit depressing for many people,  causing suicide to be at its highest rate this time of year. Please pray as we continue to give the Czechs the truth and hope from God's Word.