Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were invited to one of the many military church in Germany - near Stuttgart. We packed and left early on Wednesday morning, arrived in time for dinner with the other missionary families that had been invited, both foreign and those German missionaries nearby. Wednesday's prayer meeting was great. Our family stayed with a German family from the church, truly a blessing. On Thursday morning, we did a little shopping before heading to the church for fun and games. At 6:00 we had Thanksgiving dinner, a feast of great American favorites. The ladies went far above that which was anticipated. They had gifts for the missionary wives and children, and also gave each family a large box of American treats to take home. Friday, we had  breakfast at church then off to the Christmas market (our boys decided to go with some other boys and men to the Mercedes museum). On Saturday, the church family rented some lanes at the bowling center on Base. Jeff and I were guest of the pastor which allowed us to shop at the PX and the commissary on the American base. This was the first time Jeff and I have had that blessing -  we came home with many American items for the holidays.

Sunday was disappointing, we had to cancel services because of illness in our family and other members.  This is another reason to keep asking the Lord for a building/room for BBBC to meet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, James!

   Our son, James, turned 14 this Sunday.  It was a blessing to everyone to celebrate with him after our morning services.  We served chili with cornbread, and of course, a birthday would not be complete without birthday cake -- a large Lego mini figure cake.  Continue to pray for our boys as they seek to serve the Lord and seek His direction for their future ministries.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Praise God for another wondeful day to serve the Lord.  As the the economy in the Czech Republic continues to grow unstable, it is good to know that we only trust the One that holds tomorrow. Please pray that we can impart this truth to the Czech people in a bold and clear manner.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

To early for snow

On Saturday, it snowed - yes, snow.  This left us with a very ugly, wet, cold day on Sunday. Our attendence was low, but our spirits were high.  An additional hour of sleep will do that to a person.
Please remember to pray for the people of Brno Baptist Church as we foresee a long, cold winter ahead of us.  Also be in prayer for the wisdom and finances needed to locate a meeting place in order to have a greater impact on our community.