Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hugs from the Lord

It is always great to see the Lord at work, it builds our faith. We had a great weekend.  We have been able to visit with Alena's husband twice in the same month, which is truly a blessing.  Please pray that the Lord will use these visits to break down the wall that he has put -up against so many for so long.  We are praying he will come to our services.  His wife has claimed salvation, but has not been baptised.  Another blessing was in Sunday school when Matty (age 3) said his memory verse. He was able to quote the whole verse of John 3:16.  We wanted to cry with tears of joy and hope.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to school service

Our services this Sunday were encouraging.  Our attendance increased and everyone was healthy. Our Sunday school lesson was about Jesus and the children, which lead to a wonderful day, as we prayed and asked the Lord's for direction, protection and boldness the children would need this year in school.  A BBQ and a paper horn filled with snacks for school breaks brought fun and encouragement.