Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweeter as the time goes by

The longer we are in the Czech Republic the deeper our love for our Lord becomes. The love for the Czech people also grows, making this week a difficult week as we prepare for our summer furlough.  We continue to trust the Lord, and he continues to give us peace and comfort. Please pray for us.  There are always so many things to get in order before departing for the States.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

Praise God, Sunday was another wonderful day.  The young men of the church sang "Amazing Grace" as Mikky played his guitar.  Mikky has been practicing and has showed much improvement. It was a joy to hear James, David, Mikky and Maty sing praises unto the Lord.

Today is a holiday in the Czech Republic, Liberation Day (Den osvobozen√≠).  This date marks the
Czech liberation from Germany at the end of the Second World War. Germany signed the terms of surrender on May 8, 1945, and the German army in Prague surrendered on the morning of May 9.

We will be having a traditional Czech cook-out this afternoon.  Sausage and pork cooked on the grill, sliced vegetables, bread, and of course Czech cukrov√≠ (cookies, small tarts and sweet breads).