Monday, September 23, 2013

Seeking open doors

     For some time now, we have been praying for an open door into the university, but have not been successful. As we continued to pray, we received a call from a missionary to El Salvador and his Pastor in the U.S. about a young man in the mission work in El Salvador that will be attending the English program this semester at the University in Brno. We were overjoyed to receive the information that he would like to attend both our Czech services and our English service.  Julio arrived the second Sunday of this month from El Salvador and he has already been a blessing to our family.  Julio has made a profession of faith and feels a calling into the ministry; in which he is preparing himself for the work the Lord would have for him to do.   Amen and Amen!
     Our return from furlough always brings open doors. Our Czech neighbours and friends always want to see our photos of America and of our granddaughters. They are so happy that we have returned to their country once again.  We have used this return and others from the past to invite many of them to our home for cook-outs and dessert.  This gives us an open door of opportunity to share the gospel with them again and to give testimony of the Lord’s goodness and strength. 
      Starting day of school has come and gone.  We are finishing week three. Using our home schooling and the ability to teach English, we are looking for another open door into the Middle school in ModÅ™ice, the village where we live.   Last year, we had the opportunity to speak to the class of ninth graders; we are asking the Lord to open that door again.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, it is hard to believe that we have been back home for nearly three weeks.  we were greeted with much work to do in the garden. Everything had grown while we were gone and needed to be trimmed. The house was ready for our arrival with the exception of the kitchen floor, which was covered with ants - dead ants.  I decided to outline the kitchen walls with ant killer before we left in hopes of preserving the few baking items not used before our departure.

Our first service was truly a blessing to us. Everyone was in attendance, except for Mirek; who had to work. Our first Sunday was also "Back to School" Sunday and our students were looking forward to what Auntie (Debra) had planned for them.  This year, each student received a gift from the USA and we had a Luau after our services.

The Lord continues to bless our family and the work here among the Czech people.  The Lord provided another car for us. He saw fit to answer our needs and concerns with a brand new car -  a Peugeot W308 wagon.  Last Sunday, we were back into our old building.  The landlord is charging us the same cost of $110.00 per month(Sundays only).  This is a great blessing because the Czech people that are coming and our church members can pay the bill with the tithes and offerings.

We have been praying and seeking the Lord for an open door into the university for some time now.  During this summer we were contacted by another missionary and his pastor about a young man from their church in El Salvador that will be coming to the Czech Republic as an exchange student to finish his degree.  The young man's name is Julio.  He speaks English well, so he will take part in the English program at the University in Brno.  This past Sunday was his first Sunday with us.  What a blessing he has been to our family already. 

The boys and Debra are off to a great start in school.  James is now in the eleventh grade and David is in the eighth grade. Chemistry and Geometry are new subjects for us, but James is ready to meet the challenge. We will begin looking with James at universities in the states. We have a few on our list, but of course, the final list will be based on what James wants to study.

And finally, our home has been filled with many visitors, which brings us great joy to be able to share the gospel with them once again, and to also share the Lord's provisions with them.