Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Sunday in May

It is hard the believe that May is nearly over. Our services this month have been an encouragement. We hope yours have been the same.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We celebrated the harvest of strawberries. Many wonderful deserts where served with strawberries. We also cooked hot dogs and sauages on the grill and had a great time of fellowship.

We have finished tract distribution in the village of Kouhotice. We will start another village or two before our spring campaign is over.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday services

What a beautiful Sunday we had yesterday. We had 6 in services, which is our average. The service got just a little silent as I begin to teach on the name of our Lord and how His name is Holy.

After services I took the boys, who won the memory verse rewards, to subway for a drink and sandwich. It was such a nice day we decided to ride our bikes to the subway. We also went to the park after we had finished our sandwiches. Debra joined us at the park, but the reward lunch was only for the rewarded boys and the missionary.

Another 234 "This is Your Life" tracts were distributed in the Kouhotovice area. We are just about finished in this area of Brno and will beginning seeking the Lord's direction for a new area to canvas.

Next week is our Stawberry social. We are praying for good prices on strawberries. This week they were 33% off, but a week to soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great day in the Lord

Today was a great day in the Lord. The weather was cold and raining, but it did not keep families away from services.

In Sunday school, the boys (Michael, James,and David) were presented with a certificate for their outstanding work memorizing scripture. Also they were given a coupon for one small sandwich from subway.

Another 320 "This is Your Life" tracts were distributed in the area of Kohoutovice. Kohoutovice is a very large appartment complex where young and old, families and singles, rich and poor live.

Jeff gave each family a Book of Daily Devotions. It is difficult to find good material in Czech and translating takes time, but this book is great tool for Christian growth.

We used our new song books in services today. It was good to learn a few new songs. Another study help is being completed and should be ready next month to give to everyone attending .

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Please continue to pray for the faithfulness of the people. Pray that they will put the Lord first in their lives and share Christ with others. Sunday's message was a wonderful clear presentation of the gospel. An overview of the messages preached this past year.

To minister to Mirek while Milada is away, we decided to have a cook out and take him to a baseball game. We had a wonderful time explaining to Mirek the American game of baseball.

Mirek shared with us that he got saved on the Saturday before Easter. He said that he cannot imagen life now without the Lord. Pray for Mirek and his spiritual growth. I will be meeing with him in the next week or two. He said he wanted to wait for Milada to get home before we meet.

We hope that each of you had a wonderful mother's day. Debra's started her day with David making her breakfast. James made a unique Lego card for her. We took her out to the Chineese restaurant for lunch and in the afternoon we enjoyed a very nice bike ride.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A need for faithfulness

Please continue to pray for faithfulness of the people. Sunday was the first Sunday in a year and a half that we cancelled our Czech service. This time of the year is one of the most difficult times, many festivals, gardening, vacations and so many other things that come before the Lord.

On Saturday, we were able to distribute another 400+ "This is Your Life" tracts. Please remember to pray for the people who will receive this material; first that they would read it and second that they would concern the information and allow the Lord to convict their hearts. These tracts are directed towards young people, a people group in great need of the truth.

Also please pray for the financial situation for all the missionaries here and on other fields. The dollar is dropping so quickly against the "Crown" and the cost of fuel is on the increase. It is not only happening here, but around the world.

Praise God for the mighty, unchanging Lord we serve.