Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our USA adventures

After much planning, preparing and praying, we had an uneventful flight to the United States. Our trip was smooth with an on-time arrival into Washington D.C., where a happy face was awaiting our family.

For the first two weeks, we helped my parents as they prepared for their move into a nearby retirement community.  There were many closets and storage areas, as well as a two car garage and a large workshop to sort through before they could begin to pack for their move from a three level single family home into a two bedroom apartment.

During our stay with my parents, we were able to purchase a mini van for our travels while in the USA and we were able to visit several of our supporting churches in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  We also set off the alarm system in the storage unit where a few of our things are kept. - the boys loved the warning to flee the building.

We hated to leave my parents, but know that they have good help with my sister and brother doing all they can do to help with the next stage of the move.  We travelled to Michigan where we attended a three day preachers' conference.  The conference was wonderful.  The three days consist of five preachers in the morning, lunch, a short rest time in the afternoon, two preachers at night, followed by more food and fellowship time.  The preaching was great!  The food was great! The Music was great! And the fellowship was great!

We left Michigan and traveled over to Ohio where we have set-up a home base with one of our supporting churches. Last week, the boys were able to go to camp.  What a blessing.  James was awarded the "Senior Male Christian Character Award".  He was so surprised and encouraged.

While staying in Ohio, we have been able to visit our supporters in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. This Sunday we have the opportunity to present the ministry to a new church.  Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum.  We had a wonderful day as a family and so enjoyed the museum and gardens.

On Monday, we head for Canada for a few days before we return to the states and head to our home church in Missouri.  Please remember to pray for our safe travels and for the condition of our nation and churches.