Saturday, April 4, 2015

Debra's Birthday and Romanian Preacher's Meeting

      March was a truly crazy month. So much was going on including Debra's birthday, our trip to a missionary conference in Romania, and the boy's completion of their third quarter of school. James  has only nine weeks before he completes the twelve grade. It is hard to believe that he is already preparing for college.

      On March fifteenth we celebrated Debra's birthday. After church, we took Debra out for lunch at a nice restaurant near to the building where we hold our services. That evening, James and David presented their mother with the gifts they had each purchased. We greatly enjoy the time that God gives us to spend together as a family, especially in celebration of one who means so much to us.

     From March twenty-fifth to the twenty-eighth, we enjoyed a time of fellowship at a preachers' meeting in Romania hosted by the Pieruchi Family. On Thursday the twenty-third we walked around the city of Bia Spree handing out invitations to a special service that was to be held the following evening. The preaching and singing on Thursday evening were a great blessing to our family. The messages were both moving and encouraging. On Friday morning, the adults went to hand out literature while the teens stayed at the hotel to fellowship. James and David greatly enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with like-minded young men and women. That evening, the meetings, both Hungarian and Romanian, were blessed by an amazing turnout of over 170 Romanian and 20 Hungarian visitors. It was a great encouragement to me and my family  to see God at work. Our prayer is that God would greatly use the Pieruchi family and bless their ministry.