Thursday, February 18, 2021

Wonderful Visit

 I had a wonderful visit with my daughter Gina and her family. They sent me a text back in January laying out their plans. I was so excited.  They arrived on February 4, leaving Lydia (my oldest daughter) with me for a few days while they went on an anniversary get-a-way. Lydia and I had a GREAT time. We laughed and talked a lot, played games, dressed alike, wore funny slippers, watched movies, and eat our favorite foods.  On Saturday, Daniel and Gina picked us up then traveled to Branson to spend the day at Wonder Works. What a great place!  My family made me feel so special as they treated me to lunch also dinner, and paid the Wonder Work's entry cost.  What a day!  They stayed here with me for the next week. Lots of laughing, reminiscing, eating, and playing games.  I actually beat my son-in-law at a game - Lord is so good. 

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